Adding Life to Years AND Years to Life

We are a company that focuses on cancer and aging and that develops stem cell therapeutics.

We address cancer using a unique platform that identifies synergistic molecules targeting cancer stem cells.

We address cellular aging by modulating the epigenetic control of stem cells.

We develop novel stand-alone targeted therapies and innovative adjunct complements to cancer treatment.

Cellular Aging

Cellular aging promotes several diseases in elderly, including cancer, neurodegeneration and poor wound healing. 


Highly associated to cancer, cellular aging has significant effects on patient response and tolerance to cancer therapy.

Our Solution

Our main asset is a series of small molecules, acting on promoting tissue regenerative capacity, which can be exploited to treat aging frailty and other aging associated diseases.


Our pipeline of oncology targets, derived from the Leucegene program, supports the design of novel innovative cancer treatments.

The combination of both resources will deliver the best therapeutic solution for aging oncology patients.

  • About Us

    We are a team of experts that value sound science for the betterment of patient lives

  • Our Science

    Our technology and development programs are based on sound science

  • Our Platform

    Our technological platform is based on a series of developmental programs